Droplet Printing is an eco-friendly screen printing company based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

We use 100% solvent-free water based inks, not only for the soft feel of the prints, but also for a better environment. We do not use plastisol inks nor any harmful chemicals. A key feature of our business is having a green foot print.

T-shirts, sweaters, tote bags, packaging, you name it. We print using the best quality materials, inks and equipment at affordable prices.

Droplet Printing supplies to international companies and organizations, such as: schools, universities, bands, small & large clothing companies, artists, pubs, restaurants, charity organizations, shops, merchandise companies and many more.

We dedicate ourselves in providing great service with a durable and a crisp product that you and others can enjoy. At Droplet Printing you will experience the great mix of the know-how, creativity and reliability.

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Why Droplet printing?

  • Eco-friendly production
  • Labeling and custom packaging
  • Soft feel prints and larger print area
  • Quick delivery
  • High grade equipment and premium screens
  • Mock approvals

What makes us eco-friendly?

  •  Eco-friendly water based inks
  • Non-Toxic cleaning products
  • We recycle plastics, papers and cardboard
  • Offering fair trade garments
  • We de not use aerosol adhesive
  • Reusable screens

“Screen printing is a cross between art and science, the most beautiful things can be achieved with this process”

We are driven by a vision

To celebrate 20 Years of Chocolate, we are proud to announce that Droplet Printing has teamed up with Hardcore Supplies for this custom Chocolate package. Inside you’ll find a unique Chocolate tote bag, t-shirt and framed logo print. With Droplet’s vision of creating a better world using eco-friendly materials, all of these items were silk screened by hand with the use of high quality water based inks. Check out the sneak peak teaser!

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